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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

ATS Consultants Picks and Reviews

Looking for Basketball Picks against the spread? The Latest Horse Racing Winners for the Triple Crown? NFL Picks and College Football Betting Picks against the spread? Well than read below and find the inside scoop about what to review and how to get free plays from ATS Consultants

With a personal concierge consulting you on how to place your bets with the games to take, how to hedge your bets, and telling you who is going to win we will help turn you into a Vegas nightmare with our daily dime plays. Here is how a typical investment in our Pick service works:

We advise you what games to play each and every game. Every sport or event is bet on independently but we make sure to let you know that your final results are not neccessarily dependant on the aggregate of our picks but you can hit it big with just our LOCK of the Week and make up for a string of losses and still come out on top.

A perfected betting system that is aligned with your personality and emotionally fits your lifestyle is very important and that is exactly what our ATS consultants look to do. If we match you up with a betting package that fits you and you are happy with your return on investment than we know that the positive reviews are going to come in.

The important thing about following our picks and consulting advice is to be disciplined with our daily sports picks based on the lines that you are receiving.

Contact us today for a free consultation and get started with the world famous Mr. Coopers help.

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