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2013 MLB Picks and Baseball Betting Infographic

Place Your MLB Bets! A Sports Wagering Recap

Poet Walt Whitman once proudly declared, “I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game.”

If you share his sentiments regarding this quintessential sport, you’re in luck! The following data highlights sports betting statistics and MLB handicapping strategies that can help you turn your baseball passion into profit!

The Profitability of Sports Betting


The following data highlights sports-betting trends in Nevada; the only state in which sports betting is not only legal, but is also regulated, policed and taxed.

·         In 2011, $2.88 billion was legally wagered in Nevada’s sports books.

·         The National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) estimates that illegal wagers account for as much as $380 billion, each year!

·         In recent years, gross revenue for Nevada’s sports books was $140.7 million.

·         More than 95% of all bets placed are returned to patrons in winnings.

·         The FBI estimates that more than $2.5 billion is illegally wagered each year on March Madness, alone!

·         More bets are placed on the Super Bowl than on any other single day sporting event of the year.


    An estimated $93.9 million was wagered on the 2012 Super Bowl. After paying out to bettors, Nevada sports books earned $5.1 million on 2012’s game!

Honing in on Handicapper Strategies


Are you in need of an expert sports handicapper? Our bets are on Cooper!

Mike Cooper, son of former Las Vegas Insider, Mike Cooper, is a nationally-recognized expert in the sports of football, basketball and baseball, and and is considered to be the best sports handicapper of all time!

So far this season, Mike Cooper Jr. has a 73% winning percentage picking MLB games ATS.


Over the last 15 years, Mike Cooper and his team have developed AND perfected a winning formula that’s produced a success story for every sport!


Cooper’s strategies have earned him high rankings in the Las Vegas Sports Insider Syndicate, and he is now introducing his expertise to sports fans and betting clients, alike!


Mr. Cooper has an eclectic team of consultants, oddsmakers and global insiders who have made a career out of interpreting information and translating picks into profits.


Cooper’s Accolades


    Made $1,050,000.00 on baseball bets in 2011.


    Nationally-recognized for his proprietary algorithmic sports betting system.


    With over 15 years experience, Cooper and his colleagues have raised the bar for consistent results in the Online Sports Handicapping Industry!


    Backed by the most knowledgeable and experienced Sports Insiders’ Team in the world.



Mike Cooper: The Success Formula of Sports Gambling


“It’s Not Gambling When You Know You’re Going to Win.”- The Hangover


The Sports Handicapping Industry is quickly becoming the preferred alternative for global investor; providing greater returns from sports betting in Las Vegas, Nevada, than the stock market and real estate!


With the right information and resources, your own success story could be just around the corner!


Baseball picks, spring training trends, pre-season acquisitions, pitching rotations and depth statistics are essential for accurate, MLB handicapping.  “Coopers Pick” is guaranteed to turn a profit, enabling you to confidently purchase picks.


What’s even better? Mr. Cooper is the only baseball handicapper so committed to his expertise that he personally communicates with prospective/current clients.


In addition to formulaic handicapping, Coopers Pick offers a wide range of betting options,


from single daily picks to live baseball odds!


Liked this blog and interested in scoring some big bucks? Mike Cooper’s expert handicapping strategies can help you turn your baseball fervor into financial gain. Call for a free sports investment consultation at 1-888-730-2667 and get out of that cash slump, today!



Plus 1 Coopers Pick