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Summertime 2016 Sports Betting Opportunities

What to Bet on the offseason this summer?

There’s no offseason for the best sports bettors and right now the best sports services from Coopers Pick to Doc’s Sports are concentrating on building up our bankrolls for the fall using every weapon at our disposal. Look, you don’t have to watch or have any interest in soccer, Canadian football or the WNBA. Also let us not forget the up coming Rio Olympic Games. Now listen what is a 500 winner on women’s hoops worth? You guessed it, the same as a 500 winner in Week 3 of the NFL. And soccer, CFL and WNBA offer some of the softest lines and have been a treasure trove for our clients all summer long.

Quit missing out! For the next seven days we are offering a 50% discount on any one day or one week packages for soccer, CFL or WNBA. There are no restrictions and this is a limited-time offer. And it’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage of some of the incredible work that our team has been doing over the past few months.

So contact us today to get a free trial or head over to Docs Sports and get a 50% discount with the following offers:

- DOC’S SPORTS SOCCER is up 6,500 in profit over the last month. They’ve gone a perfect 8-0 on their last eight plays rated 6.0 or higher and they have a 7-Unit Soccer Play Sunday in the Euro Championships.

- STRIKE POINT SPORTS WNBA is on one of the best basketball runs you will ever see, nailing 83% over the last month (23-6) while banking nearly 7,000 in profit.

- RAPHAEL ESPARZA SOCCER has reeled off a 10-2 soccer rush for over 3,100 in profit, including a sweet 6-Unit winner with France on Thursday.

- ALAN HARRIS WNBA has been hitting 60% on the year and has churned out 4,500 profit in a little over a month.

- INDIAN COWBOY CFL is off to a perfect 2-0, 1,400 start on the season and he has a 7-Unit CFL stacked for Friday.

Plus 1 Coopers Pick