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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays


(08/22/2014 to 08/29/2014)

Updated for this weeks games. Get the latest lines as soon as they change from the number one sports consulting service in the world. WEEK 3 NFL ODDS 2013 NFL Odds for Week 3 are live. We are updating the feed to bring you the most relevant lines that change within 15 seconds of the sportsbooks official change of any point spread for every single National Football League game. We know the value and importance of getting accurate point spreads and being the number 1 sports service in the world we are glad to ensure that you get only the best when using Coopers Pick. Our 2013 NFL point spreads have been fluctuating more substantially then in previous years. This is thanks in part to our analysts and private investors group taking note of great hedging opportunities and places where we can get 2 for 1 on our money with wagers for both futures bets and preseason games. Working with us and following our picks is the only way to make money betting on the national football league. We provide the rotation number of each game, the opening line, the date of the game, time of kickoff, the spread (who is favored and who is the underdog), lines from different oddsmakers throughout the world ranging from Las Vegas boulevard to offshore sportsbooks, and of course the juice to be paid out on the winning bet. 2013 NFL Odds, Lines, and Point Spreads from Coopers Pick come in live every 3 minutes. Here at Coopers Pick we know from experience the importance of keeping up with line movements from the top online sportsbooks and Las Vegas, Nevadas sportsbooks. If you do not keep track of where the odds are heading then you can forget about being successful when it comes to picking winners against the spread. By being able to see the \\\\\\\"2013 NFL Odds\\\\\\\" as they move you will be able to see the point spreads as they change and profit off of discrepancies between multiple oddsmakers thanks to our live feed right here at Coopers Pick.

If you want to receive NFL Picks this season than opt in using the form above for our newsletter or give us a call at 1-888-730-2667 and ask about our private investor group packages so that you can profit thousands of dollars each week as our clients do each and every football season. Remember making money is only 20 percent about what happens to you and 80 percent about how you react to it. Make the right move today and call us.


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